Laboratory Policies

  • Confine activities to the space assigned by the Site Director.
    • Do not move furniture or lab equipment between spaces without staff permission.
  • All personal lab gear must be kept in assigned storage space when not in use. See the Site Director for storage space.
    • Do not remove items from other’s storage space without permission.
    • Unclaimed and improperly stored lab equipment is subject to disposal.
  • Samples in freezers and refrigerators must be labeled with the researcher’s name, the sample contents, date stored, and anticipated removal date.
    • Unclaimed samples are subject to disposal 2 months after the anticipated removal date.
  • For safety, avoid getting mud and water in lab spaces.
    • Rinse muddy field shoes before entering the lab building.
    • An outdoor shower is provided on the front porch.
    • Use the outdoor sinks to rinse equipment and samples.
  • Communal lab equipment and supplies may be checked out by contacting the Station Director.
  • No food, beverages, pets, or smoking in the laboratory spaces.
    • No alcoholic beverages permitted in labs.
  • Laboratory spaces must be left clean.
    • Return and properly store equipment.
    • Rinse surfaces to remove salt water and residue.
    • Empty trash cans (take bags to dumpster in the parking area).
  • This facility adheres to the policies of the University of Virginia regarding hazardous waste.
    • Do NOT pour hazardous waste down sink drains.
    • Communicate with the Site Director about proper hazardous waste management.
  • Dispose of sharps in appropriate containers.

Chemical Use Policies

For those individuals working with chemicals in the lab:

  • Before introducing chemicals for research, inform the Site Director of planned chemical use and ensure that your chemical is listed among the SDS Chemical Safety sheets available at If the chemical is not listed, provide a hardcopy safety sheet to the Site Director.
  • All chemicals must be stored in the appropriate location and must be labeled with the date they were first opened.
  • This facility adheres to the policies of the University of Virginia regarding hazardous waste.
    • DO NOT pour hazardous waste down the sink.
    • Document (label) all hazardous waste put in any container by affixing an appropriate and completed waste container label.
  • All individuals working with chemicals must complete annual Chemical Safety and Waste Training online. Proof of completion must be provided to the ABCRC Site Director.

IACUC: UVA Animal Use Policy for ABCRC (requires UVA log-in)