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Since 2006, the Coastal Research Center has supported environmental research, education, and outreach on the Atlantic Coast of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

We specialize in supporting the study of long-term dynamics of the barrier islands, lagoons, marshes and watersheds on the coastal margin. 

The Coastal Research Center provides laboratory and dormitory facilities, logistics and technical support to visiting researchers and students from various institutions and agencies. Field station personnel maintain the site, conduct collaborative research with other scientists, collect data from meteorological stations, tide gauges, well transects and water level recorders.

Station staff provide research support and can help you book a stay at the station and plan for field work.

Consult the menus (above) for additional information and resources. You can also view an interactive map showing ABCRC sites and facilities.

To inquire about visits and facility use, please contact the Site Director – Cora Baird (

A glimpse of station life with VCR LTER

We envision VCR LTER and the Coastal Research Center as a thriving research community where both our scientists’ identities and their research projects are fully supported.

COVID Policy:

Please review our Covid policies here, or download them here.

If you have tested positive for Covid19, or have been exposed to someone with Covid19: please delay your arrival at the research center, contact the site director (Cora Baird,, and wait for approval for your visit.