Welcome to the Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center (ABCRC) of the University of Virginia!

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The field station provides laboratory and dormitory facilities, logistics and technical support to visiting ABCRC researchers from various institutions and agencies. Field station personnel maintain the site, conduct collaborative research with other researchers, collect data from meteorological stations, tide gauges, well transects and water level recorders. The staff are here to support your research, logistics to and from research sites, integration of GPS surveys (both kinematic and static), assisting in laboratory facilities and availability and housing/dormitory requirements.

Consult the menus (above) for additional information and resources. You can also view an interactive map showing ABCRC sites and facilities.

To inquire about visits and facility use, please contact the Site Director – Cora Johnston (coraj@virginia.edu).


Ghost Forests

VCR/LTER researchers Matt Kirwan and Keryn Gedan have been featured in several recent articles and videos regarding “Ghost Forests,” the dead trees that remain when a previously-forested area is flooded with salt water. Links to the pieces are: Time Magazine: https://time.com/5694648/ghost-forests-climate-change/ New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/08/climate/ghost-forests.html?fbclid=IwAR1rRbsKuF6BCP1MkPkY2A9yKPkgEIJqhTy60epqJYdSiMffORIxKwWc8fw

Envisioning Coastal Change with Light

Art helps envision the effects of changing seas. What might this look like here on the Shore? https://kottke.org/19/03/a-light-installation-in-a-scottish-coastal-town-vividly-shows-future-sea-level-rise?fbclid=IwAR06MyIlWVaRmT0dyuu82sW3kpg7WeqwSnIdvzO3qBydLCNTq-A_yFKtTpg

Confronting Climate Change Through Sound

Learn about a new collaboration with the Environmental Humanities Conservatory based here at UVA’s Coastal Research Center in Oyster, VA. Hear more in the Virginia Public Radio feature. A public event is scheduled for the weekend of September 21st, 2019.

Staff Contacts

At present we have four staff members in residence on the Eastern Shore who can be contacted by calling the ABCRC Field Station (757-331-1246) during regular work hours  or  using the cell phone and e-mail information below:

Staff cell phone number e-mail
Cora A. Johnston, Site Director 757-620-7016 coraj@virginia.edu
Donna Fauber, Office Manager 757-331-1246 dhf4k@virginia.edu
David Lee, Research Specialist 443-604-3978 ddl5e@virginia.edu
Jonah Morreale, Research Specialist 757-621-3519 jm7ux@virginia.edu