As of Summer 2021, the Coastal Research Center is open to researchers and classes from UVA and beyond.

Policy Update:

UVA has implemented a temporary ” mask requirement for all people, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, who enter UVA properties, effective Monday, Aug. 9. This does not include dorms or private housing, including common areas within those spaces. Those spaces will be largely full of vaccinated people and easier for the University to monitor and respond if cases do arise. The temporary mask requirement also does not apply outdoors. ” A policy update is expected Sept 6th, 2021.

A glimpse of station life with VCR LTER

We envision VCR LTER and the Coastal Research Center as a thriving research community where both our scientists’ identities and their research projects are fully supported.

The Coastal Research Center is open with reduced capacity in response to Covid-19 risk.

As of 1 May 2021

To request a visit or use of station resources, contact the Site Director – Dr. Cora Baird – at coraj@virginia.edu or (757) 620-7016 (text or call).

Please review our Station Policies with regard to operations under COVID-19 restrictions.

Staff continue to work off site intermittently and can be reached by email or phone (see staff info at the bottom of this page).

You can visit UVA’s website to read the University of Virginia’s complete set of policies in response to Covid-19.


In the meantime, you can see the process of our explorations on the Ghosts of the Coast Facebook page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Updates will be posted here as they become available.

Welcome to the Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center (ABCRC) of the University of Virginia!

  boat buildings lab

The field station provides laboratory and dormitory facilities, logistics and technical support to visiting ABCRC researchers from various institutions and agencies. Field station personnel maintain the site, conduct collaborative research with other researchers, collect data from meteorological stations, tide gauges, well transects and water level recorders. The staff are here to support your research, logistics to and from research sites, integration of GPS surveys (both kinematic and static), assisting in laboratory facilities and availability and housing/dormitory requirements.

Consult the menus (above) for additional information and resources. You can also view an interactive map showing ABCRC sites and facilities.

To inquire about visits and facility use, please contact the Site Director – Cora Baird (coraj@virginia.edu).


A Sea Change for the Eastern Shore of Virginia

The UVA Arts & Sciences Magazine has a story about UVA Graduate Student Victoria Long and her family history on the Eastern Shore, extending back 400 years and its relation to rising sea level. You can see it at: http://give.as.virginia.edu/news/story/sea-change-eastern-shore

UVA Field Station Seagrass Research Highlighted

The LTER Network News features a new story on “Can seagrass meadows mitigate climate change?” that focuses on VCR LTER, operating out of the ABCRC, research examining how seagrass impact the global carbon cycle. The article is at: https://lternet.edu/stories/seagrass-meadows-climate-change

Staff Contacts

At present we have four staff members in residence on the Eastern Shore who can be contacted by calling the ABCRC Field Station (757-331-1246) during regular work hours  or  using the cell phone and e-mail information below:

Staff cell phone number e-mail
Cora A. Johnston, Site Director 757-620-7016 coraj@virginia.edu
Donna Fauber, Office Manager 757-331-1246 dhf4k@virginia.edu
David Lee, Research Specialist 443-604-3978 ddl5e@virginia.edu
Jonah Morreale, Research Specialist 757-621-3519 jm7ux@virginia.edu